Until the Sun Rises: One Night in Drake Mansion

A Mystery/Thriller Novel by Channing Whitaker

April, 2015 from Oak Tree Press

Eighty years ago, a wealthy Midwest family attended a traveling magic show, after which neither they, nor the dark and mysterious magician, Malvern Kamrar, were ever heard from or seen again.  When two police investigators and three bystanders lost their lives inside the family’s mansion, the investigation was dropped and the property sealed off, until today.  

After nearly a century of rumors, theories, and haunted stories, for a live television event, the Drake family mansion will be opened, allowing five contestants to test their bravery by spending one night in the mysterious house to win their share of a million dollar prize.

Soon after entering the mansion, the aged journal of the family patriarch, Vinton Drake, is discovered, shedding light onto the mystery and just how deeply it’s rooted - all the way back to Vinton’s service as a medic in WWI, when he first met the magician. 

The hand-picked contestants: a commune-with-the-dead psychic, a high-tech ghost hunter, a Hollywood scream queen, a local woman, and a professional skeptic and debunker named Harlan Holt, further fuel excitement as each tries to sort out the mystery for themselves.

A sharp departure from the familiar haunted house tale, through Harlan, this story explores the very nature of belief in the supernatural, with consequences more frightening than any ghost story.

Harlan’s investigation in the present is followed in tandem with Vinton’s own investigation of the magician Malvern in the past. Intensity soars when the contestants discover their lives, along with thousands more, are in genuine mortal peril. Is the mansion haunted? What fate befell Malvern and the Drake family? And will Harlan and the others uncover the truth in time to save themselves?

Early Reviews of the book.

I was surprised by how quickly it got my attention and that it managed to hold my attention throughout it's entirety.” - (read the full review)

“…a satisfyingly creepy story that dealt with much more than a simple Casper.” “Whitaker’s Until the Sun Rises is unexpected, well-paced, and interesting enough that picking up a copy is worth your time.” -
(read the full review)

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