Sentient Judgment | Channing Whitaker
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In a world where automation runs society, Marion Sato spends her days as a judgment aid, tasked with making the manual choices deemed too difficult or complicated for computer algorithms. It seems like a dream come true – until things go horribly wrong.

hen a freak accident leaves a young child in mortal danger, Marion knows she has to act fast to save his life. But the automated world surrounding her seems to stand in her way at every turn.

s time begins to run out and the weaknesses of a tech-reliant civilization become clear, will Marion be able to overcome the endless hurdles of a rigid autonomous society? Or will technology fail her as a child’s life hangs in the balance…

f you like suspenseful sci-fi which explores the faults of technology, then you won’t want to miss the fourth book in the Black Band Anthology series. Grab your copy now!
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“There is something that will grab hold of every reader and keep them reading until the end and then leave them wanting more.”

“This isn’t a typical ghost story where the evil entity wipes almost everyone out.”

“What price are we willing to extract from others for our own pleasures or benefit? Whitaker forces us to ask such questions, especially as the past and present threaten to collide.”

“This book should be made into a movie, it would be the next Blair Witch Project, or The Ring...It’s one of those stories that just stays with you for a long time after you have read it.”

When I started reading I found myself thinking about what I had read the next day and looking forward to reading more.”

“Phenomenal first book by Channing. Pick it up and read it.”

“Explores aspects of paranormal activity through the eyes of several characters while spinning a superb tale. Each character has a unique take on the dance macabre that is ever present in Drake mansion.”

“Kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. phenomenal first book by Channing.”

“Whitaker does a fantastic job of bringing you into the story and then holding you throughout until the very end.”

“Well-drawn characters and a compelling storyline make "Until the Sun Rises" an un-put-down-able book!”

“I found it very engaging and during the day I would think about what I had read and looked forward to the next chapter.”

“One of those books that I didn't want to end.”

“Couldn't put it down. Direction of the story surprised me multiple times throughout. Fantastic novel! Would definitely recommend as an excellent read!”

“From the very beginning, this book moved at a steady pace with new surprises at every turn. The last 30 pages, I could not turn the pages fast enough to unravel the mystery.”

“Several times, especially towards the end, I thought I had the story figured out.....what a brilliant ending and so very well written!”

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